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Signature Treatments

Acne & Acne scar treatment

Clinically proven and effective treatments targeting active acne and acne scarring.


Melasma treatment

Four effective solutions to combat stubborn melasma to reduce pigmentation.


Fat Reduction treatment

Powerful and minimally invasive procedure to shrink fat cells for dramatic results.


Skin tightening treatment

Tighten wrinkles, stretch marks, and enlarged pores for a more youthful appearance.


Peels and facial treatment

Customized facial treatments for all skin types administered by medical aestheticians.


Building Confidence Through Specialized Treatment

A Prestigious Medi Spa in Point Grey, Vancouver

All of our services are performed by highly trained professionals with years of experience in medical and cosmetic treatments. The OVO Medi Spa team is dedicated to staying on top of the latest techniques and technology to ensure we provide the best quality of service.

Innovative and Cutting-edge Technology with Fotona

Advanced laser technology developed by Fotona offers multi-wavelength and high-performance laser light and accessories designed to solve specific skin concerns. At our Vancouver Medi Spa, we are among the few exclusive cosmetic clinics with the innovative Fotona laser systems.

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Bringing Youth And Confidence To Every Client

Enhance your natural beauty with Dr. Kwok in Vancouver

Dr. Jimmy Kwok, MD is prestigiously trained in aesthetics. Dr. Kwok believes in treating the inner structure of skin to delay aging, combined with other therapies for a youthful appearance.


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Innovative And Advanced Technology With Fotona

What is Fotona

56 years of experience has lead Fotona to become a global developer of cutting-edge and effective laser technology. The laser is designed to target skin conditions and concerns including acne, scars, melasma, wrinkles, aging and sagging to successfully improve the appearance of skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Medical spas are not your traditional spas. The types of procedures offered in medical spas are unlike your regular massages, facials, seaweed wraps, and salt glows. Medical spas must be operated, overseen, and/or run by medical doctors. However, not all procedures are performed by medical doctors. The doctors will supervise the procedure in these cases. But you don't have to worry. The people who performed these procedures, if not by doctors, are experienced and underwent rigorous training and practice to execute 100% safe, accurate, and outstanding results every time.

In medical spas, the typical doctors available are dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Different medical spas provide different types of services and treatments. However, the most common treatments and procedures in many medical spas are for treating acne, skin aging, hair removal, dark skin removal, skin tightening, and fat reduction. To know the exact treatments available, it is best to check the medical spas treatment menu.

Yes, if you go to established medical spas operated, overseen, and/or run by medical doctors. Otherwise, NO. Medical spas require a trained doctor and medical esthetician with knowledge in nonsurgical aesthetic treatment.

Medical spas offer non-surgical treatments to treat acne, skin aging, hair removal, fat cells, and more. Most of these treatments need an experienced doctor and medical esthetician to properly execute these procedures.

Estheticians, also called skin care therapists, can also do non-medical treatments and procedures. Doctors usually supervised complicated treatments done by estheticians. However, estheticians can easily do all cosmetic procedures like body scrubs, massages, wraps, and other non-invasive treatments such as microneedling, acne treatments, and superficial chemical peels.

All procedures and treatments should be done and supervised by experienced physicians. If the medical spa you are visiting doesn't have any doctor or medical esthetician available, it is best to look for another one.

There are many benefits that medical spas provide. The first and the most important one is that it is overseen and operated by experienced doctors. Meaning all treatments are safe and performed by skilled physicians and medical estheticians. All the staff members are trained and experienced to provide the best possible results and treatments for all customers and clients.

In addition, medical spas provide a calm, comfortable, and sterile environment where you can relax and get your treatments. You can heal not only your body but also your mind when you spend time in these kinds of environments. Medical spas do not only focus on the physical aspect of a person, they also heal the mind to offer overall health.

Medi spas are always equipped with the best and modern technology to provide services and treatments, such as a handheld laser device used to treat melasma. Medical spas used cutting-edge technology combined with expert doctors and estheticians to provide effective treatments, knowledge, and practices.

The best way to know which service and/or product is best for you is by scheduling a consultation. A consultation will help you meet face to face with a professional physician or medical esthetician. These professionals will ask you what kind of treatment you need. For example, skin tightening to help with your fine lines and wrinkles. The physician will check your face and give you an honest professional opinion and which procedures and products work best for your case.

The physicians and estheticians in medical spas are all experienced in dealing with clients and performing all the procedures. If you have doubts and questions regarding the procedures and downtime needed, you can ask straight away. The staff in medical spas is also well versed and knowledgeable. You can ask them about the treatments and products offered in the medical spa.

The main difference between a day spa and a medical spa is the treatments and services they provide. Basically, the day spas offer services such as massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, and mud baths. They focus more on the relaxation and pampering of the clients.

While medical spas are more focused on rejuvenation. They offer treatments and services for treating acne, skin aging, hair removal, dark skin removal, skin tightening, and fat reduction. Some med spas also offer laser treatments in treating melasma, skin tightening, and fat burning.

The difference between relaxation and rejuvenation is how it helps the body. Relaxing is more focused on how you feel inside which also reflects on the outside. Meanwhile, rejuvenation is more noticeable and focuses on skin correction and treatments. Medical spas offer treatments and services that provide more long-lasting results.

In addition, medical spas are operated and/or run by professional doctors and medical estheticians. All services are performed and/or overseen by physicians to provide the best and long-lasting results. Meanwhile, in day spas, doctors are not required to perform the treatments.

A facial is a skin treatment, such as the Red Carpet Facial where your face is cleansed thoroughly, exfoliated to remove all dead skin, and nourished. Facials make your skin look younger and healthier. It is a multi-step treatment with soft, clean, and better-looking skin. Here are what you need to expect in a basic facial:

  1. Cleansing: The esthetician will massage a cleanser into your face and neck to remove all the remaining makeup, dirt, and excess oil. Your esthetician will use warm water and a facial sponge, cotton pad, or cloth to remove the cleanser and dry your face.
  2. Exfoliating: Your esthetician will use either exfoliating cream or scrub to remove all the dead skin. Some medical spas also use steam to open up the pores.
  3. Extraction: This step is where acne and blackheads are removed to unclog the pores. Estheticians can either do this by hand or using a special metal tool.
  4. Massage: Typically, estheticians provide facial massages up to the shoulders to help you relax and improve any lymphatic drainage.
  5. Masks and other treatments: Lastly, your esthetician will apply a mask to help hydrate your skin and decrease inflammation if there is any. Some estheticians also add serums, essences, moisturizers, or sunscreens.

There is no need to wear any makeup when you go to your appointment. It will be removed, especially if the treatment you are getting is for your face.

For first-time medical spa clients, you will need to arrive a few minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment to fill out paperwork before you start your treatment. While you are filling out the needed paperwork, be as honest as possible. Answer all the questions truthfully to ensure you do not experience any adverse effects during or after the treatment.

Your medical esthetician will ask you questions regarding the form you filled. In addition, let your esthetician know if you have any events coming up. Because some procedures will need downtime and may have side effects. Your esthetician can choose the treatment based on the downtime needed.

Lastly, turn your phone or notifications off. This whole experience should be relaxing for you. Let OVO Medi Spa help you feel and look your best, call 604-568-8800 today!

Yes, medical-grade skin care products are better than your average over-the-counter products. Because medical-grade products used better quality ingredients. All medical-grade products are required to contain ingredients that are 99% pure meaning the quality is better and no fillers are used. They also use a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to the products you can buy in department stores and drug stores.

Medical-grade skin care products can only be prescribed by medical professionals. Meaning you can be sure the product you are using is specially formulated to help with your specific skin needs.

Over-the-counter skin care products are usually made for all and not just to target specific needs. If your doctor prescribed a specific medical-grade skin care product for you, it means it is perfect for your skin type, color, and needs. You need to remember, all people have their own needs. Therefore, some products might work for you while some might not. Let a skin esthetician assess and recommend products tailored to your skin type and routine for the best results by calling 604-568-8800.

Your skin is the largest organ and one of the most important parts of your body. This is what everyone first sees, especially the face. It helps boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself if your skin is glowing and properly nourished.

A proper skin care routine is important to have healthy skin. Every person sheds skin cells throughout the day. It is normal. However, it makes your skin more vulnerable to dirt which causes acne and blackheads. You need the right skin care routine to prevent these things from happening and decrease the chances of you getting wrinkles.

If you look after your skin properly, you will look younger and more radiant. As you age, your skin tends to look duller and less radiant. You have to counter and slow down these aging effects by having the right skin care routine.

Lastly, we always believe that prevention is better than curing. By having the right skin care routine, you can protect your face from dirt and clogging your pores which lead to acne and blackheads. It can also prevent or minimize wrinkles in your face. It is less expensive to prevent these all from happening compared to fixing the problem in the future.

OVO Medi Spa offers various treatments like laser procedures, injections, peels, facials, and more!

For laser procedures, you can get Fotona 4D Signature Facelift to remove signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, dullness, volume loss, and roughness. There are treatments to help with your acne and acne scar. OVO Medi Spa also offers painless advanced laser hair removal if you are tired of waxing and shaving. Melasma laser treatment is also available. OVO Medi Spa laser procedures also include pore reduction, skin tightening & fat reduction, tattoo removal, and more!

You can also enjoy peels and facials in OVO Medi Spa! You can get Hollywood Carbon Laser Peel to help improve your skin tone and texture, Red Carpet Facial for younger-looking skin, and Microneedling to help improve your skin's collagen production.

Let our professionals at OVO Medi Spa tailor a treatment plan to your skin type and routine. For the best results call 604-568-8800 today!

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